Bradley Beach NJ Real Estate Summer Maintenance Checklist

Now that it is officially summer, and with that season comes a new home maintenance to-do list. Of particular importance at this time is the checking of the exterior of your Bradley Beach NJ real estate while good weather permits close inspection.

One practical suggestion from All Surface Clean Company is that it is wise to begin your inspection from the top of your piece of your house and work your way down to ground level, gravity being what it is. Thus, to avoid the need for re-cleaning, remember to start at the roof and gutters, proceed to windows, siding, decks, and fences; then go on to the pavement/driveway of your Bradley Beach NJ real estate.


Strong winter winds may well have loosened a shingle or two on your roof, and they certainly have deposited unwanted leaves, twigs, etc., in the gutters. Here is expert advice on how to properly clean out that residue and inspect your roof like a professional.


No matter the type of material used on the outside of your Bradley Beach NJ real estate, you want to check it carefully to preserve the integrity of the house.

  • Vinyl siding–

Look for loose or missing siding, cracks, or breakage; deterioration or fading; mold/mildew; and punctures. It is generally best to replace any damaged piece.

  • Brick–

Cracked mortar and/or crumbling or cracked bricks are what you’re looking for.

  • Stucco–

Cracks, crumbling, and water damage are three problems for which you’ll want to check.

  • Wood–

Be on the lookout for signs of rot, peeling/blistering paint, mold, and termite damage.  While some of these conditions may be minor and can be fixed by you, other more serious problems may require the assistance of a professional

*Note: If you are considering power washing the exterior of your Bradley Beach NJ real estate, consult the above-mentioned website for tips on doing that job.


Make sure your windows (and doors) are tightly sealed to prevent air leakage. Also repair/replace caulk and weather stripping and repaint trim as needed.


Secure loose nails/fasteners. If replacing them, use galvanized or stainless steel deck screws. Reinforce loose stairs and railings and check to make certain that the deck has not pulled away from your house. Clean the deck with a biodegradable detergent and a brush to remove debris and stains and apply a preservative if needed.


Ascertain that posts are firmly implanted and that no wood is showing signs of rot or termites. Think about treating fence wood with a fresh coat of preservative.


Check for cracks, crumbling, and erosion and remove moss and debris. Here are excellent tips for cleaning the driveway of your Bradley Beach NJ real estate, be it concrete, asphalt, brick, or pavers.

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