Remodeling Your Jersey Shore Home–Trends for 2010

Just as fashion styles and automobile designs vary with time, so do house features most desired by potential home buyers. Current surveys concerning home trends indicate an emphasis on open space, use and function, size, design, and environment. The majority of these topics involve changes that go beyond the scope of home improvement projects and require actual remodeling of your Jersey Shore home.

Floor Plan

Probably having the greatest impact on a potential buyer is your floor plan. Open spaces which make the living area appear large, airy, and unobstructed are most desirable. Flexible floor plans feature an eat-in kitchen which opens up into the dining and family rooms, thus allowing for family togetherness and ease of entertaining. To achieve this sense of space and unity, you should provide multiple accesses to the kitchen and ensure an unobstructed line of sight and a practical traffic flow. Here are specific suggestions regarding these layouts.

While buyers are no longer clamoring for extremely large homes with excess square footage, they do insist on functional areas with both specific and multiple uses. Home offices are still in demand, but several smaller work stations spread throughout your Jersey Shore home are also in vogue. Dual office/bedrooms, large and plentiful storage spaces, and a children’s retreat for study and recreation have become popular, as have entertainment centers such as a bar, a home theater, or an exercise room. Of primary importance is the idea that no space is wasted and that the need for both privacy and togetherness has been considered throughout your home.

Greening Of Real Estate

In keeping with the “greening” of real estate, rooms which bring the outside in are valued by buyers. This effect can be achieved by a large expanse of windows overlooking gardens, a pool, or inviting landscaping and by carefully selecting eco-friendly paints. These should reflect the soothing colors of nature–from pastels to earth tones.

Of equal importance to a potential buyer of your Jersey Shore home are features which bring the inside outside. Today’s buyers want to extend their “open” atmosphere to a yard which has spaces, furniture, and equipment designated for specific uses–an outdoor cook/dining area, for example, a reading/relaxation corner, a children’s activity space, or a conversation area grouped around a fire pit.

You may also want to consider generational home buying trends as you plan your remodeling. According to the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), both young buyers and the over 50 set are “driving the demand for smaller, smarter homes designed to function more efficiently with no wasted space and plenty of room for storage.” The Boomers desire “high-tech features, an open floor plan, and spaces to enjoy outdoor living.” (NABH Builders’ Magazine, July 2009, “Brave New World.”)

What’s your Jersey Shore home worth?


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