How to Make Your Bradley Beach NJ Home Inviting To Buyers

Although the interior of your home may be lovely, you can’t use that fact to your advantage if potential buyers don’t come inside to see it. The majority of house shoppers are influenced by first impressions, and, according to the National Association of Realtors, nearly 50% of them make their decision about your Bradley Beach NJ home before stepping through the door. Ensuring that prospective buyers will want to see more doesn’t have to be time-consuming or cost-prohibitive; there are numerous ways to strengthen your home’s curb appeal, to capture the interest of buyers, and most likely increase the selling value.

When selling your Bradley Beach NJ home, appearances are important. The exterior of the house should be attractive and in good condition, and the well-maintained grounds should be pleasing to the eye. The first thing to do is to look at the exterior objectively. Assess the color scheme (siding, trim, brick, roof) and determine if the architectural features of your house are in keeping with the rest of the neighborhood.

Boosting Curb Appeal

Perhaps the easiest way to boost curb appeal is to clean. Pressure wash to remove mold and mildew from siding, decks, walkways, and driveways. Make sure that your windows sparkle and remember to wash the screens. Gutters, too, may need cleaning–or replacing. Investigate snap-fit vinyl systems, decorative rain chains, or even a copper system for a high quality look.

Another way to generate interest in your Bradley Beach NJ home is to pay attention to the grounds. Remove weeds, keep lawns mowed, and trim shrubs and trees. Add color by planting flowers and mulching (now available in a variety of colors) around plants and bushes. Prune areas which may appear overgrown or obscure architectural features which should be showcased and look at your landscaping design with a discerning eye.

Consider adding more trees–for three reasons. In addition to making the grounds more attractive, tree cover can also result in lower utility and water bills and increase your home’s selling value. Shop for trees which grow well in Bradley Beach NJ, provide variety in color and texture (fruit trees, Japanese maple and birch trees, for example), and are water efficient. Most area nurseries will gladly offer expert advice in selecting trees to improve your landscape plan.

Welcoming Entrance

An inviting entrance will also impress buyers. Your front door may need repainting or replacing since it should be an attractive focal point of your property. Think about color and design as well as hardware when making improvements. Polish or replace knobs, knockers, doorbells, and kick plates. Purchase a distinctive welcome mat and investigate the need for outdoor lighting. Porch, garden, and walkway lights not only enhance the landscape’s appearance, they also help to provide safety and security (a good selling point!).

And finally, spruce up the front porch or landing. Brightly colored plant/flower containers and hanging baskets add pizazz, as do a freshly painted porch floor and outdoor furniture. An eye-catching entrance way certainly helps ensure that buyers will gladly accept your invitation to come inside your Bradley Beach NJ home.


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Patrick Parker Realty, an independent boutique brokerage located in the heart of Bradley Beach is your local market leader. We understand the demands of a changing real estate market and avail ourselves of the latest industry information and tools to ensure excellent results. Our Commitment to You Our seasoned Real Estate Agents are committed to providing all of our clients, from first time sellers to veteran real estate investors, quality and friendly service. We walk you through every step of the sale process offering the guidance, feedback, and expertise needed to ensure your complete satisfaction.
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