Tips for Improving Your Jersey Shore Real Estate

The home improvement trend appears to have gained momentum in recent months, be it in simple upgrades or major remodeling. Owners of Jersey Shore real estate are rapidly joining the ranks of do-it-yourselfers, hirers of handymen and specialists, or clients of architects and general contractors. Which of these categories best describes you depends on your time, ability, and motivation; the complexity of the job; approval/certification required by local authorities; financial considerations; and the availability of reputable help.

After you have identified the improvement desired and the level of expertise required to do the job, your next step is to find the appropriate worker. If that person is you, there are many sources to assist you. Businesses such as Home Depot, Lowes, and carpet/tile retailers often give free “how to” clinics in the evenings or on weekends and have helpful handouts to guide you. There are also innumerable web sites for the novice to advanced do-it-yourselfer which provide, articles, diagrams, videos, advice from professionals, and step=by=step instructions for a myriad of fix=ups or upgrades ranging from hooking up an icemaker tore facing kitchen cabinets to laying floors and constructing a patio. Some helpful sites are,,, and

You may have determined that you want the services of a professional, but do you want a handyman or a specialist? The latter, the more expensive of the two, has a depth of experience in his/her field but is limited to work in that field. A handyman, while not as experienced, offers a breadth of skills–he/she can hang your ceiling fan as well as paint your ceiling. Check out websites which help in locating dependable handymen and reputable specialists. will not only assist you in finding the right match for your needs, it will also warn you about individuals/companies who have garnered complaints from customers. You may also want to check out franchise businesses such as www.MrHandyman.commore expensive but more likely to be insured and bonded.

Your reason for upgrading your Jersey Shore real estate may be to increase your quality of life or reflect a changing lifestyle (addition of a home office or a screened- in patio), decrease utility bills by becoming more energy efficient (installation of upscale siding or quality windows), or adding value to your property (kitchen island, renovated bathroom). Whatever the purpose, be sure to take advantage of the internet and local businesses–and do enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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  1. thalantyr says:

    D.I.Y trend is really gaining popularity, I can see it in my own backyard. That is really cool thing to do, but nothing is done without a little help and I have found the help I have been looking for. Its as simple as they sell an immense number of products that perfectly fit the idea of D.I.Y and they look great !!

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