Selling Jersey Shore Real Estate In 2010

In today’s competitive housing market, buyers can afford to be selective. It is, therefore, up to the seller to anticipate the demands of the buyer and act accordingly. The ten strategies listed below will help you accommodate the buyer’s needs and make certain the selling process is a successful one.

Selling Jersey Shore Real Estate in 2010

1. Price sensibly. Listing too high initially is doubly dangerous. Price-savvy potential buyers will simply bypass your home in favor of more realistically priced Jersey Shore real estate, thus limiting your market. In addition, you’ll have to lower your price eventually, possibly below market level, to capture their attention.

2. Utilize professional expertise. Far too many sellers come to regret their attempt to avoid a paying a sales commission when they are unable to generate widespread exposure on their own. To their dismay, they also find that potential buyers expect a far lower price on a FSBO.

3. Make needed repairs. Buyers want a home that is in good condition, up to date, and “move-in ready.” Be sure that all systems, the roof, appliances, etc., are in good working order and replace fixtures that look out-of-date.

4. Simplify the setting. Make room! Too much furniture makes rooms appear smaller, and too many accessories draw the buyer’s attention away from your home’s assets. De-clutter cupboards, counters, and other flat surfaces. Make space in your closets and storage areas, and allow for an open traffic pattern. Put away personal items. Buyers need to be able to visualize their own furniture and belongings in what could be “their” new home

5. Keep it clean! Odors and dirt are real turn-offs to potential buyers.

6. Provide curb appeal. The exterior of your home must invite buyers to come inside. Remove weeds, trim trees and bushes, present a healthy lawn, and maintain an attractive appearance at all times. Don’t forget power washing or repainting, if needed. Add a pot of colorful flowers and a new welcome mat for extra charm and a successful showing.

7. Allow for accessibility. The more showings of your Jersey Shore real estate you have, the greater the chance of a successful sale. Buyers want easy access to the homes they visit. Your realtor will help you make satisfactory arrangements for optimum availability, use of a lock box, advance notification, etc.

8. Stay away during showings. Buyers viewing your home need to take their time to thoroughly it and fee free to voice their reactions to the realtor. Also, if you’re not there, you can’t say anything which might hurt the prospect of a sale.

9. Avoid misrepresentation. Your realtor will advise you of local disclosure laws, and it is important that you comply with them. Attempts to hide a defect will only result in problems later on and may well derail a potential sale.

10. Be flexible. Selling you home can feel like a personal transaction, and sometimes emotions threaten to overshadow logic. Listen and react to all contract proposals as objectively as possible. Know in advance what your needs are re: price, which items convey, settlement time frame, etc. Try to keep in mind the big picture and resist getting hung up on the small things.

The sale of your home depends on both your realtor and you. By working as a team and utilizing the ten strategies outlined above, the process has a greater chance of being a productive and successful sale.

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