Efficient Ceiling Fans In Your Jersey Shore Home Can Save Energy and Money

Ceiling fans are one of the most popular and effective ways to conserve energy and save money, especially during the hot summer months. Ceiling fans also provide decorative alternatives to ordinary light fixtures and they are great at multi-tasking. Ceiling fans create a “wind chill effect”, which pushes air downwards creating a cool breeze in the room. Ceiling fans are handy in the wintertime too. In the cold winter months, ceiling fan motors can be reversed. This allows the blades to turn in the opposite direction which pulls cool air upwards and forces warmer air down. Since ceiling fans provide quality décor, lighting and air ceiling fancirculation, they have become one of the most popular home accessories found in multiple rooms of homes everywhere. Making sure your Jersey Shore home is equipped with energy efficient ceiling fans will conserve energy, save money, and maximize comfortable room temperatures. 

While ceiling fans offer many benefits, they can also end up being major energy guzzlers depending on how they are used, the brand, and the type of lighting. If ceiling fans are already installed in your Jersey Shore home it is important to make sure they are an Energy Star model. According to Energystar.gov, ceiling fan and light combination units that are labeled with the ENERGY STAR are approximately 50% more efficient than other fans. ENERGY STAR certified ceiling fans are more efficient because of improved motors and blade designs. Fans that also include ENERGY STAR qualified lighting conserve even more energy and increase the life of light blubs. If your fan does not come with lighting, an ENERGY STAR light kit can be purchased separately. New ceiling fans are over 75% more efficient than older models. If a ceiling fan in your Jersey Shore home was purchased before the beginning of 2002 than it would be a good idea to consider upgrading to newer more efficient model. 

There are several other things to consider when shopping for the right ceiling fan, such as size, lighting, and style. Ceiling fans come in various different sizes. Standard sizes include diameters from 24-72 inches. For averaged sized living and bedrooms, a 52 inch ceiling fan is a popular choice. It is important not to underestimate when trying to determine the right fan size. Since fans have speed adjustments it would be better to go with a slightly bigger fan than to end up with a fan that is not powerful enough. Another thing to consider when picking out a new ceiling fan is décor. Ceiling fans come in a variety of different styles. From contemporary to classic, ceiling fans can be found to compliment the décor of any style room in your Jersey Shore home. 

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