Choosing the Best Neighborhood for Your Jersey Shore Real Estate Purchase

neighborhood 2Sometimes people have to sacrifice purchasing their dream home for a less perfect home in a better location. The buyer and family’s quality of life can be affected by their surroundings and features a neighborhood has to offer.  Choosing the best neighborhood is just as important as finding the perfect home.  Neighborhoods have numerous characteristics to consider when trying to make the right choice.

One of the most important things to look in to is the quality of schools in the area. Compare various public schools within a school system; some may be better than others. In order to keep all options open, also take a look at private schools in the area. Even if you do not have kids that will attend school, it is still a good idea to pick an area with good schools to help with reselling Jersey Shore real estate.

Another crucial characteristic of a neighborhood to research is the crime. Contact the local police office to find out crime trends, types, and rates. Go online to find out if there are any sex offenders living near by. Do not judge a book by its cover, just because a neighborhood looks well kept and charming does not mean there are not any crime related issues.

For financial reasons, check in to the property values of homes in the neighborhood. Find out if the Jersey Shore real estate values in various areas have been increasing or decreasing. If the neighborhood is in an up and coming area the value of the property is likely to go up. Where as, if the area is going down under, the property value will probably follow. See if there are any future construction and development projects to take place. Alterations to the surrounding area could drastically change the property value. 

Next thing to take into consideration is the neighborhood’s proximity. Make sure the location is a reasonable distance to work, school, and other frequented destinations. Convenience always makes life a little easier. Having grocery stores, pharmacies, hospitals, and other places of interest and importance easily accessible will make a big difference in every day life. 

Other things to consider when choosing a neighborhood relate directly to the neighborhood it’s self. Just as buyers have preferences in things they are looking for in a house, there are also preferred characteristics to look for in neighborhoods. Neighborhoods could have numerous features to offer such as, gated communities, nice sidewalks, large lots, parks, restaurants, safe roads, trees, landscaping, community recreational facilities, civic leagues, and golf courses. Keep in mind that a neighborhood may have neighborhood fees as part of a home owner’s association. Be sure to pick neighborhood features that best fit the lifestyle of you and your family. 

Choosing a neighborhood can be just as difficult as finding the right piece of  Jersey Shore real estate. Finding the perfect home in the right neighborhood may be even more of a challenge. Do your homework, research the area and prioritize features that are most important to you and your family. 

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