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Are Your Clients Looking for a Green Home?
By: Frank Schulte-Ladbeck

  Green is the new black. It is the color of the moment, mainly because it signifies an ideal that is currently popular among consumers. The latest consumer trend is home buyers looking for homes to be energy efficient or to be environmentally friendly, but what does that mean? There are competing standards defining what a green home should be.

The basic principles driving how green is defined is that the products used in the home have to come from sustainable resources (such as bamboo, which grows rapidly). These items can be recycled, they will not be toxic to the environment, and they help reduce energy use. The argument now is how to determine if a product fits into these categories.

Most green products are so new that most people are unfamiliar with them. However, if you wish to point out some features to your clients as being part of a green home, we should create a list.

  • Water Efficiency: Collecting rain water to be used for the garden is a good practice (be sure to check your state and local laws before attempting this). The term graywater refers to water from the home that can be used for watering plants, like water from washing dishes. Also, a recirculating hot water system will prevent people from letting the water run until it’s warm. A tankless water heater is defined as green because it only uses energy to heat water when it is needed. Low flow heads on faucets and showers are green innovations, along with low flow commodes.
“The basic principles driving how green is defined is that the products used in the home have to come from sustainable resources…”
  • Smart Energy: Equipment and products which reduce electricity usage in the home come in as green. CFL (compact fluorescent lights) and EnergyStar appliances are the main stays of the category. There is a push to have equipment like flat screen TVs to stop using electricity when not in use. The other side of the coin is to have solar panels or other means to produce electricity for the home.
  • Green Architecture: More people are discussing passive design elements to create a green home. Situating a home to prevent the heat from the sun creating a need for air conditioning, or simply decreasing the number of windows on the south and west side of the house. Insulating, double paned windows, and ceiling fans in each room help define a green home.

Finally, remember to consider if the parts of the home fit your view behind the basic green principles, so you can say to your home buyers that a home meets this standard.

Frank Schulte-Ladbeck is a licensed home inspector in the State of Texas. He is also an active industry blogger, a project consultant, and works on translating housing information into Spanish to assist the Latino community.


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