Support “Clean Ocean Zone” Bill in Bradley Beach, NJ

Bradley Beach, NJThe beach season is officially in full swing!  Here is an article I found interesting regarding the recent conference that was held for legislators to discuss the Clean Ocean Zone Bill for Bradley Beach, NJ. In an effort to keep our beaches clean and visitor-friendly for generations to come, I wanted to share with you these ten tips for respecting our beaches: 

1.  Put trash in its place.  Use garbage receptacles or bring home what you bring to the beach (carry in, carry out).  Leave only footprints in the sand.  Bring a bucket to the beach to use for play all day and litter at the end of the day.  Lead by example.  

2.  Follow the beach’s recycling rules.  Recycling reduces solid waste and saves resources.  If your beach doesn’t have a recycling program, take your items home to recycle.  

3.  Litter is lethal to marine life.  Avoid bringing disposable plastics to the beach, they do not biodegrade and can kill animals through entanglement and ingestion.  Some plastics take over 400 years to break down in the marine environment, so dispose of them properly.   

4.  Use an ashtray.  Cigarette filters are not biodegradable and can be lethal when eaten by birds and fish that mistake the butts for food.  Look for free disposable ashtrays at beaches.  See COA’s “No Butts About It” tip card.  

5.  Never leave fishing line on the beach.  Fishing line can entangle birds, fish, turtles, and other animals.  Plastic fishing line takes 600 years to break down in the marine environment.  Recycle old line at tackle shops.   

6.  Conduct local beach clean-up.  Call COA for details on how to organize these events 

7.  Report pollution.  If you see any unusual beach conditions (garbage slicks, brown or red tides, fish-kills, or others) report it to the appropriate agencies.  Call or see COA’s “If You See It, Report It” tip card.  

8.  See the Sea for yourself.  Bring a snorkel and goggles – take a swim and see how many critters you and your friends and family can see.  

9.  Look, listen, and learn.  Go shell combing, look for birds and plants – your beach is home to many – can you identify them all?  Use COA’s Eco-guide.   

10.    Pass these tips along to other beachgoers.  Together, we can all do our part to become the solution to ocean pollution. 

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